Solid Sense is an innovative Solid-Concentrated water treatment program that will replace existing liquid treatment programs. Solid Sense utilizes the same chemistry as traditional liquid programs but in a concentrated solid form. The true innovation is in the patented Solid Sense delivery systems used to dispense the chemistry.

Solid Sense products are specially formulated for use in cooling towers, steam boilers, and closed systems. The Solid Sense program provides the same proven results of high-performance liquid treatment programs, but in an easier to use, more environmentally responsible method. Solid Sense Solid Systems offer many benefits over traditional liquid programs which include:

  • Reduces Risk & Liability Concerns
  • Elimination of handling heavy drums and pails
  • Elimination of spill potential during transportation and storage
  • No on-site storage or containment issues
  • Worker safety benefits from handling and exposure issues.
  • Helps Your Facility Go Green
  • A reduction in your Carbon Footprint
  • Recyclable product packaging
  • Elimination of triple-rinsing and drum disposal issues
  • Water savings associated with increased cycles of concentration
  • Earn points towards LEED Certification
  • Diesel fuel usage savings from reduced product shipping weights
  • Plastic savings from reduced product container size
  • Savings by eliminating Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

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