Comprehensive Water Treatment Programs

We treat more than just water; we treat the system. Reliability of any treatment program is achieved by understanding our customer’s systems and designing a program that will address the challenges our customers face. Reducing the total cost of ownership and long-term reliability are the goals for every CHEMIC designed program. We partner with our customers to develop solutions to meet their every need.

CHEMIC offers customized programs for the treatment of:

  • Inlet Water Clarification
  • Cooling Towers
  • Steam Generating Systems
  • Closed Loop Systems
  • Waste Water and Activated Sludge Systems
  • Oil/Water Separation
  • Ion Exchange Systems
  • RO Units


Our products are custom-formulated to meet our customer’s individual needs. With strategic partnerships in manufacturing, we utilize the best technology on the market. Our vast knowledge and application experience helps us provide products that will help our customers achieve their long-term reliability goals. Our products include:

  • Polymers for clarification and waste treatment
  • Cooling tower inhibitors and dispersants
  • Oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides
  • Surfactants, biodetergents, and antifoams
  • Oxygen scavengers and metal passivators
  • Internal boiler treatments
  • Steam line neutralizers, passivators, and filmers
  • Specialized cleaners/passivators
  • Commodity chemicals (industrial bleach, acid, and caustic)

Cooling Treatment Programs

CHEMIC’s Cooling Treatment Programs are designed for maximized long term reliability of your assets at a competitive price.

CHEMIC’s Cooling Treatment Programs are custom designed to protect systems from corrosion, deposition, and microbiological growth. As these properties are irrelated, they must be properly addressed for a successful program. A detailed technical audit is conducted on every system so the stresses of the system are completely understood when designing the treatment approach. This ensures each of our customers can maximize the life, reliability, and efficiency of their systems. CHEMIC’s innovative technologies also keep the safety of the environment and employees as a top priority.

Our cooling water programs include:

  • Open recirculating systems – cooling towers, evaporative condensers, & fluid coolers
  • Closed loops – chilled water, process loops, & thermal storage systems
  • Once through systems

Boiler Treatment Program

CHEMIC’s boiler treatment programs help to protect the boiler system from the negative effects of deposition, corrosion, and carryover. With the elevated temperatures and pressures in steam generation equipment, maintaining an effective treatment program is critical. Very small reductions in the reliability of the program can be costly. Unexpected down time due to failures in the steam generation system can lead to huge losses in production.

CHEMIC’s customized boiler treatment programs help to ensure safe, reliable, and cost-effective steam production. CHEMIC can provide reliable treatment programs for the following:

  • Fire tube and water tube boilers
  • Deaerators and hot well systems
  • Condensate systems
  • Online & offline cleaning programs
  • Short term & long term layup

Inlet Water & Waste Water Treatment Programs

CHEMIC offers a comprehensive product line for handling both inlet water and wastewater applications. Our inlet water technology is designed to help our customers clarify their inlet water to remove suspended solids and organic material that can affect downstream equipment and operations. Our wastewater technology is designed to remove pollutants from waste streams, minimize sludge handling and disposal expense, and meet strict compliance goals.

Protecting our environment is a major goal within CHEMIC. Our new GREEN POLYMER TECHNOLOGY is a rapidly growing product line. Our Green Technology consists of polymers made by natural starches of plant material. Our new technology is more environmentally friendly and often times out performs conventional polymer technology in SOLIDS/WATER and OIL/WATER separation applications.

Our inlet water and wastewater programs include:

  • New green polymer technology
  • Inorganic and organic coagulants
  • Emulsion and dry flocculants
  • Anti-foams and defoamers
  • Odor control agents

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