CHEMIC has grown into a full-service specialty water treatment company. Our evolution rose out of a customer-based need derived from the lack of attention received from their large chemical suppliers. CHEMIC answered that need by expanding our programs and services to meet the unique challenges our customers face while offering them the best overall value for their programs.

In order to provide our customers with the most advanced technologies on the market, CHEMIC has strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of chemicals, automation, and equipment technologies. Our comprehensive line of products and services are designed to maximize performance, extend asset life, and improve overall operating efficiencies.

CHEMIC’s Capabilities Include:

  • Complete line of Water Treatment Specialty Chemicals
  • On-site monitoring and control services by our trained service personnel
  • Remote monitoring and control of your systems and inventories (24/7 monitoring & control)
  • Custom feed and control equipment, buildings, and analyzers
  • Engineering Support and Heat Exchanger Monitoring
  • Commodity Plus Programs for bleach, acid, and caustic
  • Analytical Lab Services and Metallurgical Analysis Services

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