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Strategic Cost Reductions with Technology

an average of 


in Savings on Chemical Costs

greater than

Billion Gallons of Water Saved

greater than


Reduction in Corrosion Rates

greater than


Improvement in Scale Inhibition


ELIMINATE TECHNOLOGY is a revolutionary breakthrough in chemical technologies that has the power to virtually eliminate the scale and corrosion potential of even the most severely stressed cooling water systems. Powered by advancements in chemical and synthesis technologies, ELIMINATE TECHNOLOGY effectively mitigates the driving forces behind scale formation and metal corrosion.


Revolutionary Safe Acid & Caustic Replacement Technologies


Intelligent Biocide Technology


Innovation in Corrosion & Scale Control Technology

We Make Chemistry Work

We Make Chemistry Work

CHEMIC is a revenant to the days of old, bringing back a level of service and commitment not seen in the US water treatment industry in nearly 20 years. This level of commitment, coupled with the right application of chemistry, provides our clients with the highest level of satisfaction and success. While our competitors focus more on the bottom line and pleasing Wall Street, the CHEMIC model puts incentive where it needs to be, “On applying the right Chemistry so the program works and you don’t!”

We make chemistry work! Our business is about taking ownership of our client’s systems through our Guardian principles. We make Chemistry work by applying the correct processes, analytics, and understanding to your systems and providing the right incentive to our employees that ensures overall success.

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