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BromINox exemplifies intelligent biocide technology. Our product is available in liquid form and is available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 300-gallon totes, and bulk shipments.

Powerful Biofilm Control

BromINoX is powerful cooling tower biocide that offers superior performance over traditional chlorine and brominebased biocides. BromINoX is powered by patented INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY, which provides targeted oxidation of bacteria and biofilm, and prevents unwanted reactions with organics and other system contaminants like ammonia and water treatment chemicals.

Cost Effective

With TARGED OXIDATION, BromINoX usage is typically 33-75% lower than commodity bleach, making it a cost effective biocide for industrial cooling water systems. BromINoX is also extremely stable in storage and has a shelf life of over a year, providing a significant advantage over bleach, which can degrade >50% in 30 days.

Targeted Oxidation

Unlike chlorine and bromine-based biocides that are highly reactive oxidizers and are quickly consumed by system contaminants and form hazardous byproducts, BromINoX is scientifically engineered to provide TARGETED
OXIDATION. TARGETED OXIDATION allows BromINoX to rapidly penetrate bacteria and biofilm, where in situ bromine generation occurs, providing more effective disinfection and biofilm removal.

Less Corrosive and Environmentally Friendly

Highly reactive biocides like chlorine and bromine increase the corrosivity of the water due to their high oxidizing capacity and salt content, especially in systems containing stainless steel and yellow metals. Trihalomethanes (THMs) are also produced leading to environmental concerns. BromINoX is minimally corrosive and will not react with organic compounds, making it a safer, more environmentally friendly biocide.

Easy to Feed and Control

BromINoX does not off-gas like bleach and does not require continuous feed, making it easy to feed and control. BromINoX is typically added one time per day based on system volume, and due to its effectiveness on biofilm removal and control, BromINoX typically eliminates the need to feed supplemental non-oxidizing biocides or biosurfactants.

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