Commodity Chemicals are an essential part to most water treatment applications. Due to the historically low margins with Commodity Chemicals, the feed, storage, control, and handling of Commodity Chemicals are areas where our customers are increasingly at RISK. From inexperienced delivery drivers and aging of storage tanks to accountability of the feed and control of the program, the need for improved ownership and control of these programs has resulted in the development of CHEMIC’s Commodity Plus Programs.

CHEMIC’s Commodity Plus Programs was designed to provide our customers with a peace of mind and improved reliability of their Commodity Chemicals. Commodity Plus Programs are tailored to our customers’ specific needs. With CHEMIC’s Commodity Plus Program, our customers pick the program that is right for them. The different program levels that are included with the price you pay for your basic Commodities include:

  • Bronze Level: Error Free Delivery plus discounted service calls
  • Silver Level: Error Free Delivery, routine service, plus reduce material costs
  • Gold Level: Error Free Delivery, routine service, and free parts and labor
  • Platinum Level: Error Free Delivery, routine service, free parts & labor, free tank repair/replacement
  • Titanium Level: Error Free Delivery, weekly service, free parts, labor, tank repair/replacement, and free control equipment

CHEMIC’s Error Free Delivery uses specialized identification and connections on all fill lines and tanks to ensure that the correct product is offloaded to the correct tank eliminating potential dangerous delivery hazards.

For more information on choosing the right Commodity Plus Program contact CHEMIC.

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