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MetalFX is the World’s Most Innovative scale and corrosion control technology for cooling water systems. As the global impact of scale and corrosion continue to exceed $3 TRILLION DOLLARS, the need for customers to maximize protection of their assets and reduce costs has never been greater.

Advancements in Corrosion Technology

MetalFX has made significant advancements in Corrosion Protection through revolutionary new “Corrosion Terminating” inhibitors.  Corrosion Terminating is the term given to this new class of inhibitors because they virtually ELIMINATE corrosion from occurring on the metal surface.  Corrosion is an electrochemical process where electrons flow similar to the current of a battery.  MetalFX inhibitors stop the corrosion at both the anode (-) and cathode (+) and also help the metal form a stronger surface barrier protection that protects attack from corrosive agents like oxygen, chlorides, and other salts.

Field studies in severely stressed industrial systems show a >80% reduction in carbon steel corrosion rates compared to leading technologies that use phosphates for corrosion protection.  On systems that have copper and admiralty metals, a >85% reduction in corrosion rates can be seen even in the presence of oxidizing biocides like chlorine and bromine, without the use of azoles or other inhibitors.


MetalFX Advantages

  • Unsurpassed Corrosion Protection for carbon steel, copper, and mixed metallurgy
  • Elimination of phosphates and zinc
  • More effective scale and deposit control
  • Reduce or eliminate acid feed
  • Simplified, single product formulations
  • Higher cycles providing chemical and water savings
  • Simpler, safer, and more effective treatment control

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